Wednesday, July 02, 2008

too bad it's not raining men.

I know, dang. If only.
So.. surprise surprise! Jacq. is actually. blogging. again. Oh shut up, Lai. It's not raining, hah!

I've been totally caught up with this whole college life thing. I swear, it's not an excuuuuse.
The number of assignments I get in a week plus the homework plus the revision plus the presentations I have to prepare for... mmm. You'll never know. Well, maybe you would. One day. But you probably don't now!! Looooser.

I kinda have to be up at 5.45am tomorrow morning, but I have the sudden urge to blog.
And, I've got so much in my head. But, as usual - I can't spill it out on blog. I do better with my big fat mouth :D I'll try, anyway.

Oh, and this entry is dedicated to one of my two sunshine missies. Laila. She made me :P
Megan & Laila are my lil sunshine missies cause they're like the big ass sun.
Wait, two big ass suns that brighten up my days. Get it? Big ass? ehehehe. Anyone with a bigger ass than mine has a big ass, duhh. Hence, everyone's a big ass!

Okay, I'm sorry. heee :)

So, I should cut the crap and get right down to business.

I've got a hot lecturer :D:D Riiiight Megan? nyehh.
Motivation to get a high distinction in Math.

OKAY. OKAY. Now I'll cut the crap. Sheesh.
He's just too good looking to be my lecturer.
This should be illegal : Lecturers can't be hotties.
I still want to write a book :) And, I thought of a cover. For the book, I mean.
A stalk of rose. The most beautiful looking one you'd ever see :
Perfect crimson petals with no defects.
Obviously, joining at the bottom would be its stem. The most natural looking stem :
Neither green nor brown, with small and sharp thorns sticking out.

Overall, a rose that looks and is healthy enough to live a life.

AHH, stop thinking I'm being corny. I mean, it's a perfect picture.
This. would be a picture. that. would mean. a. thousand. words.
Almost literally;
My butt hurts. Nite.

ps. I'm mooooving. To bu7 :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

noone else will know who it is :D

It has been a long time, I know. And, you miss me. I know that too :)
I'm only doing this cause Louis asked me to haha! You miss reading me don't you :P

So, I'm back with stories, since I've started college!
I'm studying at the Help Matriculation Centre in HELP University College.
Doing Foundation in Arts.

With Megan and Louis <33

So orientation was on the 17th of le March. Yes, Noah Aswan's birthday!!
Orientation. Was. A. Bore.
But, you know, who cares about orientations when your best friend's looking out for hotties?
She found two. Or three? Well, a couple.
And male bestie met a pretty dumb girl! HAHA.
Get it? pretty. and. pretty dumb. HAHAHAHA. :P
Oh my goodness, Louis, I never knew we would come across that much of a dumbo.
Like, in human form. Daaamn.

Class started on the 18th.
IT and Math.
IT. sucks. balls.
Lecturer. sucks. more. balls. with. american. malay. slang.

So, I guess that brings out the kampong boy in me, eh?

Math is killer fun. Joel Charles rocks the freaking theaterette.

Megan is friends with her acquaaaaaaaintance :D

And, so.. days pass.
English lecturer is such a bitch.
IT is becoming boring-er.
Math is still killer fun.
Study Skills.. nothing much.

The thought of me being all quiet during classes due to
with each other,
was a total false alarm in my head! LOL.

Megan is friends with her acquaaaaaaaintance :D

Met some crazy chicas in my class.
Simren, the only female traditional drummer in Malaysia.
Jovita, the national dancer. Performs at god knows what grand prix dance championships ok!! lol
Grace, the ex home schooler all her life who sat for SATs.
Han Zhou, dude from...uh.. Ipoh? Reads Men's Weekly. Horny fella.
Gideon, the Sabahan who lives at the HELP Residence. We'll take you out one day so you don't have to suffer at the nothing-to-do-hostel :)

Pictures, next time. Only have Simren's currently.

Megan is friends with her acquaaaaaaaintance :D

Classmates :
Aadil. FINE, it is double 'a' and not double 'd'! haha..
Abdoo. HAHAHA. so funny!! "yes ma'am"
Shervin aka Tobon. Miss English Lecturer, let the boy say what he wants.
One big group of Chinese girls; they all seem very very very nice (:
Aaah, there's more. Too many more.
I likey my class:)

Louis walked into a big giant wall of glass yesterdaaaaaaaaaaay!
lol :P
Even when I'm alone, thinking about it can still make me laugh. out. loud!
And his poor eepod veedio went thru some retardation. HAHAHAHAHA.

Megan is friends with her acquaaaaaaaintance :D

Tune in next time!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

rig rat.

Yeap, I need you, bloggie :(

It's been a looooong day. and, yeah. a loooooong time too.

I wore a Cheongsam to church today;) aaahh. talk about butterflies in my tummy.

Then. The first bad part :
European Pervertic Stalker. wooh. I even have a name for that loser!

Then. The second bad part. And, I'm not leaving the laptop.
Til edgar nozouka love is religion leaves.

No. Not for Melb. Yet.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


if you don't already know,
i work at kumon now!!! :D

it's funnnnn.


who is that man?

who is that man,
whom i lent rm15 to?

who is that man,
who's killing us slowly?

who is that man,
who plays 'father' sometimes?

who is that man,
who's standing tall?

who is that man,
who never completes anything that he starts?

who is that man,
who is an alcoholic?

who is that man,
who hurts us everytime he's intoxicated?

who is that man,
whom i lived without for a year?

who is that man?

no, i do not want to shake his hands.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

mind of peace of mind.

i think, it's coming back to me.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

time for total independance.

If I were a year younger, I'd be in school. Rather, I should be in school. At this hour on a Thursday. Instead, I'm sitting here, blogging. Dressed up & ready to go job hunting with Megan.
I'm turning eighteen this year. And, it's scaring me. I am no more that kid who goes "Mom/Dad, can I have some money please?" or "Mom/Dad, can you please do this/that for me." or "Mom/Dad, can you send me here/there please?" etc. You get my point.

Now, it's all up to me. Make my own plans. Not go to every party that's on. Eat when I'm supposed to. Take myself to places. Earn some money. Get my Mandarin and French classes by myself.

This 'total independance' thing started a month before SPM. I got myself out of bed early in the morning, and head to the library with Nick to study for the coming exam. Day after day, time and money management was all up to me. There wasn't any parent there to guide me on what to do or where to eat.

"It wasn't that bad", I thought.

When I now think of my own future; that I want to study overseas by myself for a year or two, my heart beats a tad bit faster than it should. I think of how I will get through everyday with full meals and full hours of studying and good hours of sleep.

It's time now, to feed my two lil doggies. Then, walk down to the photo shop to collect my pictures for my college application. Then prolly head to the Kumon Centre down the other road to see if they offer part-time jobs to school-leavers awaiting results. I hope and pray I get a job there. x)

If I don't. I'll call Puan Rosnah of Sri Bestari to ask if I can work as a part-time teacher there for English in Year One.

I'd be glad if I get a job there. But. I don't have appropriate clothes to wear as a teacher. Lol.

If I don't get one there, I'll try the Kindergarten down the road.

If all fails, some shop in One Utama BETTER accept me & my request of "5 days a week only" (:

Gotta run now! Cross your fingers.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

taking the next turn.

So, we're in the year 2008. Happy New Year ya'll (:

I had the most pathetic new year this year. I (yes, all by myself) welcomed the year 'o8 byb snuggling under my sheets. Then woke up to catch a glimpse of the fireworks.

I freegyn love fireworks. I'd do anything just to watch 'em do their thing way up high in the sky and through the misty clouds of Malaysia.

So, that's it.

Might go for the New Year/house-warming party tonight at Jon's.

Oh right, resolutions.

1. Temper. Obviously.
2. Do well for my Foundation.
3. Spend less, save more.

That's all. For now. (: